Bond Dimout 36427 150cm pris pr. LM

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    Technical Sheet

    Width approx. 150 cm
    Weight approx. 275 g/m²
    Repeat length approx. - cm, width approx. 16,5 cm
    Composition 100% Polyester FR
    Flame retardant DIN 4102/B1, M1, BS 5867 TYP B, IMO Res. A471 (XII), EN 13773 ,
    Dimout Rate The article stands out due to his significant high darkening effect.
    DIN EN ISO 105-B02 note 4-5
    Fastness to Washing 40°
    DIN EN ISO 105-C10 note 4-5
    Fabric relaxing washing 40°C
    DIN EN ISO 6330/DIN EN ISO 5077 warp approx. +/- 1%, weft approx. +/- 1 %
    Fabric relaxing dry cleaning
    DIN EN ISO 3175-1 warp approx. +/- 1%, weft approx. +/- 1 %
    Rub Fastness
    DIN EN ISO 105-X12 dry: note 5, wet: note 5
    Care 40 ° Schonwaschgang Bügeln bei niedriger Temperatur nicht Bleichen Trockner ungeeignet schonend chemisch reinigen (Perchlorethylen)

    State: 01.02.2016

    The above technical data are average values. These values ??only describe the technical characteristics and the chemical composition of the delivered goods. Warranties are not given.